Way Better

Bus Éireann’s premium inter-regional brand, Expressway, wanted a campaign to focus on the totality of the on-board experience – a sense of what makes Expressway ‘way better’. The message conveyed is that ‘where your journey takes you is up to you – just take it in style, comfort and safety on Expressway’.

The creation of unique, exclusive character, ‘Big Red’ manifests Expressway’s values and service. It is a powerful metaphor that does the heavy lifting to create an emotional engagement, that only Expressway can truly make. The Expressway Way Better idea, is simple and yet disruptive. It’s a universal story of imagination; it’s charming and intrinsically visual, perfect for today’s fractured media consumption.

With a budget of over €500,000, the campaign is fully integrated, running across a host of platforms including broadcast, billboard, digital, social and print – with the public learning a little more about the Character ‘Big Red’ and his exploits as time goes by.

Hollywood heavy hitter, John Moore, directed the advert.